Master of Research

MRes, Global Innovation and Sustainability in the Food Industry and Nutrition

Department of Food Science and Nutrition - University of the Aegean

Entry requirements and application

This masters course is suitable for graduates and professionals.

The weekly programme is designed to suit professionals and employment in parallel. A considerable part of teaching is taking place from distance.

Professionals and candidates based abroad are highly encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in attending the course from distance, you should contact us in advance and discuss options of collaborating institutions and/or companies that could host your dissertation project. This can include your current employer or collaborating organisations of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements include a BSc in relevant subject or equivalent.

You are not expected to hold a BSc at the time of application; however, you must complete your BSc before the course starts (October 2023). If you expect to have completed your BSc by October 2023, then you are eligible to apply.

The next call for applications to this MRes programme is expected to be published in February 2023 and onwards.

Please check in February 2023 or later in order to submit an application aiming your study starting in October 2023.

The scientific background of each candidate will be considered along his/her other experience/skills in order to advise on the suitability of this course.

This masters course is suitable for graduates and professionals.


Formal applications are submitted through the Nautilus portal:

The course has a limited number of entries. You are highly encouraged to informally contact us in advance in order to discuss your application. You are welcome to contact the course director at