Master of Research

 MRes, Global Innovation and Sustainability in the Food Industry and Nutrition

Department of Food Science and Nutrition - University of the Aegean

Course overview

(3x instalments / semester: First Semester 2.100 euros; Second semester 1.100 euros; Third semester 1.000 euros)

Course content

This course is divided into two parts:

45 credits (ECTS) of taught modules

45 credits (ECTS) research modules and project

For a masters, a total of 90 credits is required. 

This course has a total duration of 18 months and is divided taking place in three (3) semesters:

Semester 1 (6 months): October 2023 - February 2024

Semester 2 (6 months): March 2024 - September 2024

Semester 3 (6 months): October 2024 - February 2025

In Semester 1 you will study 30 credits of taught modules by distance which will train you at masters level and cover the most current trends and development in food science and nutrition.

In Semester 2 you will define and start your project. In parallel you will study 30 credits of taught modules by distance, which set the basis and support the execution of your research project.

In Semester 3 you will study 30 credits by conducting your research project and dissertation. 

The course is completed by the preparation of Thesis and a Research Article for publication.


Semester 1

(Module Code/Title)

Α1 - Advanced Research Μethods, Research Design and Product Development (10 ECTS)

Α2 - Innovation in Food Science and Nutrition, Trends and Policies (10 ECTS)

Α3 - International food management, resources, practices and technologies (10 ECTS)

Total: 30 ECTS

Semester 2

(Module Code/Title)

B1 - Starting the Dissertation thesis - Extended Literature review, Problem selection and relevance to existing practices/knowledge (15 ECTS)

B2 - Developing the experimental design - theoretical framework, Preparing the research methodology - Identification and management of research problems, Pilot study (15 ECTS)

Total: 30 ECTS

Semester 3

(Module Code/Title)

C1 - Dissertation thesis (15 ECTS) 

C2 - Writing of scientific paper (15 ECTS)

Total: 30 ECTS

Learning and assessment

In Semester 1 you will study 30 ECTS of taught modules by distance which will train you at masters level and cover the most current trends and development in food science and nutrition.


Learning and assessment


How you will learn

·      Seminars

·      Lectures

·      Tutorials

·      Workshops

·      eLearning


The modules include lectures, seminars and tutorials that have a supportive role. As you progress, a greater reliance is placed on self-directed study, written dissertations and research project work in order to develop your independence as a scientist and professional.


How you will be assessed

·      Exams

·      Reports

·      Presentations

·      Essay Coursework

·      Dissertation

·      Viva voce

·      Poster presentation

·      Preparation of research article report



Modules are assessed using a variety of individual assessment types which are weighted to calculate your final mark for each module. Typically all taught modules have some coursework in addition.


You will need an average mark of 50% to pass the MRes overall. You will be given a copy of our marking criteria when you start the course and will receive regular feedback from your tutors.



Contact time and study hours


As a guide, you will typically spend around 6 hours per week in classes and proportional self-study. 


You will work on your research project in parallel, either based at the University or via an industry placement. You would be supervised for 3 hours per week, on average.


Teaching is provided by teaching fellows, assistant professors, associate professors and professors and guest lecturers. Technical staff, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers provide additional support.