Master of Research

MRes, Global Innovation and Sustainability in the Food Industry and Nutrition

Department of Food Science and Nutrition - University of the Aegean


The programme of the course will be announced upon registration

As an indication the learning subjects per module include

Advanced Research Μethods, Research Design and Product Development

· Advanced Research Methods

· Research and Information Skills

· Statistics

· Biostatistics

· Ethics

· Techniques in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

· Quantitative research methods

· Qualitative research methods

· Food Product Development

Innovation in Food Science, Trends and Policies

· Consumer sciences in the Agri-food Sector

· Innovation and Change in the Food Industry

· Food Sustainability

· Law and Policy

· Quality and safety

· Trends in human nutrition

· Trends in biotechnology

· Climate change, energy

· Food Composition and Analysis

· Novel food quality approaches

· Trends in Nutrition

· Molecular Nutrition and Biochemistry

International food management, resources, practices and technologies

· Strategy and Management for International Agri-business

· Agri-food Supply Chain

· Culture in the food sector

· Sustainable Farming Systems

· Management of waste and by-rpodusts towards cultural economy

· Managing Contracts and Exchange Relationships

Starting the Dissertation thesis - Extended Literature review, Problem selection and relevance to existing practices/knowledge

· Writing and presentation skills

· Data management

· Data Visualisation and Analytics

· Critical Review of Research

Developing the experimental design - theoretical framework, Preparing the research methodology - Identification and management of research problems, Pilot study

· Experimental Design and Analysis

Writing of scientific paper

· Peer review writing of article